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Update, Remodel and Additions, Oh My! 

The homeowners had built their home 35 years prior and had not done much to the interiors since then. It was time to update, remodel, repurpose and add on to this home nestled into the stately rolling acres of Fairfax Station. The homeowners now had a grown family and nearly grown grandchildren to accommodate at the large family functions they enjoyed in their home. A.HICKMAN Design reconfigured their tiny kitchen into an expansive gourmet kitchen with a huge hidden walk-in pantry, added on a beautiful breakfast nook, and repurposed the dining room into a home office and the living room into the dining room and the spa room became a new sitting room. Walls were opened up, a few new walls and cased openings were created, but it was a brand new home as every room and every surface was reimagined by A.HICKMAN Design. 

All elements designed & specified by A.HICKMAN Design. 

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